COVID-19 Postdoctoral Training Memo

March 25, 2020

To our colleagues in postdoctoral training,

In the context of the recent challenges associated with COVID-19, the American Board of Clinical Neuropsychology has learned of the understandable concerns of trainees that current practice shutdowns could impact their ability to meet eligibility requirements for board certification through ABCN.  While some sites have the ability to deliver services in a modified manner, that is not the case for all.  Training supervisors are encouraged to reassure their trainees that we understand the unusual situation and trust each site to maintain a through line of educational activities even if service delivery is paused.  Many colleagues have shared on listservs the various scholarly and service activities they have made available to fellows in lieu of face-to-face clinical work, and we are impressed with the responses from our training community. 
As always, ABCN will conduct credential reviews on a case by case basis and we note that nearly all current trainees will face an unavoidable disruption in clinical service time.  We ask that when a fellow from this era applies for board certification, the training director includes in the letter of recommendation an indication of how training was maintained during this unprecedented time.  For now, this means that trainees should document the amount of time missed and any compensatory activities that took place.  For example, some sites have fellows working on individual research projects now, but when they can resume clinical service they will devote a greater than usual percentage of time to clinical care to “make up” for lost time. We leave it to each site to work out what is in their (and their trainees’) best interest to meet training goals and competency in clinical practice. 

There remains uncertainty as to how long the COVID-19 pandemic will impact clinical neuropsychology training activities, and we appreciate everyone’s flexibility and creativity in educating and supporting the next generation of practitioners. ABCN will continue to provide updates in the event that extended interruptions to residency training are necessary in the months ahead. For now, trainees and training supervisors who have any questions are encouraged to contact Dr. Douglas Bodin, ABCN Credential Review Committee Chair (


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