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ABCN Written Exam: The ABCN written exam is administered electronically in two-week windows, four times per year. The exam is accessed online, from an electronic device and location of the candidate’s choosing (per guidelines provided). ABCN has partnered with BTL/Surpass and Examity to deliver the written examination with remote online proctoring. At the time of the exam, Examity’s proctor will verify candidate identity, conduct a 360° sweep of the room and workstation, and provide access to the exam questions. The proctor will be present throughout the exam, providing real-time on-screen support as needed. For a preview of the exam format, please click here.

Registering for the written examination is a two-step process that takes place after the candidate is notified of passing the Credential Review process. First, candidates must register for the examination through the ABPP website. The appropriate form and examination fee must be received by ABPP by the registration deadlines noted below. Once processed, candidates will receive confirmation of registration from the ABCN Administrative Assistant.

Next, approximately six weeks before the opening of the exam window candidates will receive an email from Examity inviting them to create a profile and schedule their exam. The email will also contain information on computer system requirements, and a link to check if your preferred device meets minimum test administration standards. Full instructions and a review of exam security procedures can be found in this document.

Information regarding exam content can be found here.

Exam results will be provided within four (4) weeks of the close of the testing window, first with a generic pass/fail email from our office, followed by the formal letter with score. In addition to the registration fee, there is a separate seat fee charged by the vendor for remote administration/proctoring. The current fee structure for the Written Examination is:

  • ABCN/ABPP Registration Fee: $300
  • Examity Seat Fee: $200

Deadline to Register with ABPP/ABCNExamination Dates
12/23/2202/11/23 – 02/26/23 (Window #1)
03/17/2305/06/23 – 05/21/23 (Window #2)
06/23/2308/12/23 – 08/27/23 (Window #3)
09/15/2311/04/23 – 11/19/23 (Window #4)

Pediatric Subspecialty Written Exam: Specialists who have been awarded board certification by ABCN and who meet eligibility criteria for subspecialty certification in pediatric clinical neuropsychology through credential review may take the Pediatric Subspecialty Written Examination. The next Pediatric Subspecialty Written Examination is scheduled to be held in person at the AACN Conference in Minneapolis, MN in June 2022. A potential earlier virtual examination is being considered but no decision has yet been reached.

Practice Sample Submission: ABCN reviews practice sample submissions in the order in which they are received.  As of October 1, 2019, submissions will be accepted on a “rolling” basis and will not be subject to deadlines as in the past.  Given that oral examination slots are often subject to limited availability, candidates are encouraged to submit practice samples as soon as possible to avoid unnecessary delays in sitting for the oral examination.  Once a practice sample has passed review, the candidate will be scheduled for the next open examination.

Oral Exams: ABCN oral examinations take place in person at the Neuropsychiatric Institute at the University of Illinois, Chicago, although virtual exams are offered when pandemic conditions prohibit travel.  The 2022 oral exam schedule is posted below, but is subject to change. Please click here for the latest oral examination update.

  • April 1-2, virtual examination
  • July 22-23, University of Illinois, Chicago
  • October 28 -29, University of Illinois, Chicago

Virtual Oral Examination: During the COVID-19 pandemic, ABCN developed and implemented a virtual oral examination process that allowed candidates to complete the board certification process despite CDC and institutional restrictions on travel. 

Our experience with the virtual format revealed weaknesses that could potentially threaten the security, fidelity, and/or equitable delivery of the exam to all candidates, and the ABCN Board approved a return to in-person exams when such restrictions were lifted. 

A virtual examination option will remain available, however, for candidates who are prohibited from travel and cannot otherwise delay their exams to a later date. Candidates who are approved for virtual examination may encounter delays but will be accommodated at the first available opportunity. To request consideration for virtual examination, please click here.

Language Accommodations: If English is not your primary language, you may qualify for accommodations on the written exam. To determine if you qualify, please complete the application available at this link.

Disability Accommodations: ABCN encourages qualified neuropsychologists with disabilities to enter the board certification process and will attempt to provide reasonable accommodations for applicants with verified disabilities, consistent with the intent of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Applicants who request accommodations because of disability must advise the Board in writing no later than the deadline for submitting application materials for examination. All documentation and other evidence substantiating the disability must be received by the Board at least 60 days before the examination in question is conducted. For more information on ADA accommodations, please review the ABCN Candidate’s Manual, ADA information and the ABCN application for testing accommodations on the ABPP website.

Policy for Breastfeeding Mothers: ABCN understands and values the importance of a mother’s decision to breastfeed her child. In support of our candidates taking the Written Examination, ABCN will work with PSI Testing Centers to approve and communicate accommodations for nursing mothers. More information about this accommodation request is available at this link.

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