This page lists some of the many resources available for clinical neuropsychologists and trainees who aspire to become board certified.

AACN Study Guide

Provides a background and overview of the ABCN board certification process, as well as examples of written exam questions.

Be Ready for ABPP in Clinical Neuropsychology (BRAIN)

This study-support network provides free study materials, a list-serve for applicants, and coordinated study groups.

Board Certification Fact Sheet

Dispels 10 common myths about board certification through ABCN and highlights why one should become board certified in clinical neuropsychology.

Candidate’s Manual

This is the official description of the board certification process, accompanied by forms used by examiners so that you can see how you are being evaluated.

Board Certification in Clinical Neuropsychology: A Guide to Becoming ABPP/ABCN Certified Without Sacrificing Your Sanity

The authors demystify the ABCN board certification process and provide specific guidance, tips, recommendations, and direction for neuropsychologists ready to pursue board certification through ABCN.

Funding and Grants

The ABPP Foundation offers awards and scholarships to help defray the expense of board certification.

Mentorship Program (Sponsored by AACN)

Candidates who have had their credentials accepted by ABPP/ABCN to proceed with the examination process have the opportunity to request a mentor to help them prepare for the various steps. Mentors are board-certified (ABCN) neuropsychologists who have agreed to donate a limited portion of their time to assist candidates in preparing for the written examination, select cases for work samples, and conduct mock oral exams. Although not required in order to sit for any of the components of the board certification process, the assistance of a mentor may be of considerable help to candidates.

Pediatric, Child Clinical, and Lifespan Development Factsheet

An overview of what the AACN has done for clinical neuropsychologists who work with children.